Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much weight can these reusable produce bags hold?
They have been tested to hold up to 20lbs. They were manufactured using serge stitching. Serge stitching is the same stitching used in clothing like jeans or t-shirts, so it is very strong and durable. 
What are these bags made of?
Our bags are made out of a fine polyester mesh with a transparent but tight weave. We wanted to ensure they were transparent for ease of use in the grocery store and at home. Transparency also allows any barcodes on your produce to be scannable by scanners at check out. It was designed with a tight weave to help keep out bugs like fruit flies that can damage produce. 
Are they breathable?
Yes. Our bags are breathable to allow any moisture to evaporate and expel any ethylene gas produce by your produce. This helps prevent fruits and vegetables from ripening too quickly. 
Are these bags compostable?
Our bags are made of a durable nylon mesh, they are not compostable. However, each component is recyclable and they have been designed to last quite some time.
Can you read the barcode through the mesh via the scanner?
Yes. The scanner can read the barcode through the mesh. 
Can these bags be used for sugar, salt, or flower?
No, they are designed for produce with a breathable mesh. Grains or anything fine like salt will spill through the fine mesh weave. 
Are these bags food safe?
Yes, all of our bags are food safe and BPA free. 
Do these bags have a tare weight tab?
Yes. They have color coded tare weight tabs based on their size. Some grocers will deduce the weight from the tare weight to prevent you from paying for extra weight. That being said, our bags do not weight very much that would make much of a difference in price. 
How big are the bags?
Our bags comes in 3 difference sizes; S, M , L.
Small (8” x 12”)
Medium (12” x 14”)
Large (12” x 17”)
Do these bags have a locking toggle?
Our bags have a locking toggle that will allow you to cinch the bag shut to prevent anything from falling out and allow you to make sure nothing (like bugs) get in. 
Are these bags machine washable?
Yes, our bags are machine washable. Simply place all of the bags being washed in 1 bag and cinch the locking toggle shut. Then tuck the drawstring in to the bag and wash. Dry on low heat. 
Where are these premium reusable produce bags manufactured?
Our bags are manufactured in China.
How to I get the books included with the purchase?
The books included with the purchase are E-Books. The E-Books will be downloadable through a link that will be emailed directly to you once you have submitted the purchase.
Is shipping included?
Standard shipping is included with your purchase. Standard shipping generally ships in 3 - 5 business days. You can upgrade to priority shipping for $3.95 USD that will ship next business day. 
How many bags are included with purchase?
Each set of reusable produce bags included 9 bags (3 small, 3 medium, 3 large). This current sale is a 2-for-1 special where we include 2 sets with your order. This is a limited time offer. 
Have other questions that are not listed here?
Please feel free to send any other questions to

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